What we offer:

​Did you know in Canada there is limited coaching for administrators within the real estate field. In fact it’s not something that is even recognized. 

We hire these amazing people to run our business and we ultimately throw them into the role, and lets be honest who has time for training. We hold them to extreme accountability and when learning opportunities happen we let them go and go through the process all over again.

We get it, finding great help is hard, especially when you are running your business.
Imagine if you have someone dedicated to helping set your success team up for success?

Imagine if you had someone to help hire, train and coach your talent to success so that you can focus your time on running your real estate business.

Elite Boss Coaching, was designed for the Real Estate Agent who wants to run a successful business, who sees that value in training and retaining top talent. Don’t go through the struggle of turnover when you don’t need to. Set your admin or your administrative team up for success.

Elite Boss Coaching offers weekly 30 minutes calls with your administrative team or admin.
Team coaching is available if you have more than one administrator and a monthly 1-1 with the team leader/owner 
We will develop action plans to keep your team on track for success. To ensure they are driving your business. We will discuss profit, budget, models, checklists, training, hiring and recruiting. 
We will develop growth plans, action plans and we will hold them accountable to success.

Their success is your success. 

A strong administrative team is our passion, and we know that a strong administrator is the  secret weapon behind any realtor.